Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review - Mottephobia by Christopher Kline

A rural polygamist community in eastern Arizona is invaded by the legendary Black Witch moth. As the community blames these Angels of Death for a series of deadly coincidences, it is a different Evil that brings the small, isolated community to its knees, and the brink of destruction. Stranded amidst the forces of darkness, field biologist Tony Spencer finds himself on the wrong side of superstition, revenge, kidnapping, and certain death in the rugged Arizona wilderness.

Review by:  Scott

4 stars

Mottephobia is the third book in the Tony Spencer Mysteries.  Tony still cannot keep himself out of trouble even with a new job and a new wife.  This time he is sent out to catalog the moths near the small polygamist town of Blue.  When the town mechanic starts to lie to Tony about the problems his Jeep is having to keep him around things start to get a little dangerous.

This is another solid book by Christopher Kline.  I genuinely like his characters and was especially happy to see Cisco getting a bit more time in the spotlight.  Christopher continues to use his knowledge of the area in Arizona where the books take place with his scientific background to create a story that is strongly anchored in reality.

If you are a fan of mystery stories that are based in reality involving common people I would highly recommend checking out this series starting with Hostile Lookout.

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