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Review - Thread Slivers by Leeland Artra

Trained from birth as a hunter and fighter, Ticca wanted and got more. She learned military tactics from the very best. She was given access to much of the world's true history, stretching back beyond legend. Found worthy, the world's second-best warrior, whom even the Gods feared, finished her combat training. Ticca thought she was ready to join the ranks of military specialists for hire known as Daggers.

Able to control more power than even a full master mage from birth, Lebuin was sheltered and taught magic by the greatest wizards. He has rightfully earned hisJourneyman Mage badge - except he isn't so sure he wants to explore the world. But all Guild wizards are required to travel, and Lebuin is sent out into the world. He quickly discovers reality isn't anything like what he read in books or expected.

A great mage is missing and Lebuin hopes to find him for clues to undiscovered magics. Lebuin hires Ticca to guide and protect him while he tracks down the missing wizard. Together they stumble into a hidden power struggle between a powerful Duke and a secret group of warriors with unbelievable skills and speed. The deadly conflict ignites a worldwide power struggle, a struggle in which the Gods themselves fear to intervene. As Ticca and Lebuin attempt to survive, they learn that they may hold the key to powers capable of destroying all the realms. Together they are far more powerful than they or anyone else ever imagined.

Can a new Dagger and Journeyman mage manage to stay alive long enough to figure out what powers they control? Who can they trust as both are targeted for assassination and relentlessly hunted?

Review by: Scott

5 stars

Thread Slivers by Leeland Artra is a refreshing fantasy book.  Focusing on Lebuin, a journeyman mage with almost no real world experience and Ticca, a Dagger (highly honorable mercenary) who is trying to build her name in the business.

The world that Leeland has established was fantastic.  The book has a lot of information, but nothing that is in overwhelming chunks.  The presence of nearly immortal beings and gods allow for a first hand perspective on some of the events that built the world into what it currently is.  Duke is by far my favorite of these semi-immortals.  There quite an interesting twist with him and I'm hoping that there is a lot more about him revealed in the later books in the series.

The Daggers are another fascinating aspect of the book.  It's refreshing to see a group of mercenaries that operates with honor instead of one that you expect to betray the main character at a critical point.  The Blue Dolphin was very cool as well.

Another thing that I would like to see a little bit more of is explantion of how the magic works.  Lebuin has a few thoughts about how he maintains his shields and readies certain magics when he is going out on the town, but there weren't any specifics involved.  I know Lebuin is a magical prodigy with better than average strength, but what are his limits?  Again this is something that could be easily resolved in the second book in the series though.

The worst part about the book was the ending.  I don't mean that it was bad, but it was a very intriguing cliffhanger and at the time that I first read this book the second was in the future with no planned release date.  Now from my understanding the next book should be out next month, but I still don't want to wait that long.

Review copy provided by the author.

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