Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Guest post with Sandra Brannan author of the Liv Bergen Mystery Series and giveaway!

Today our guest is Sandra Brannan whose book Noah's Rainy Day (fourth book in the Live Bergen Mystery Series) will release early next month.

Thank you for having me back!  Last year I talked a little about my creepy nature so this year, I thought I’d share how much YOU and blogger like Indie Book Blog make a difference in an author’s world.

First, let me say thank you.  Bloggers gave me my start in 2010 and I recall being at my first ever author event as a debut author in NYC at the 2010 BEA Conference.  Talk about sporting the South Dakota gawk!  There more people at the Javitz Center than in my entire home state.  My knees trembled.  Until I landed in the capable hands of the 1st Annual Bloggers Convention.  Such nice folks.  As I worked my way around the room, finding curious looks as I asked names and tried to trace back relations to who I might know back home (guess that’s a South Dakota thing) one skeptical woman looked at me and asked, “Do you even know what a blog is, Sandra?”  And I looked her square in the eye and said, “No ma’am, but my mother is Irish and she taught all of us nine kids how to clog.  Does that count?”  Of course, she laughed and told me she was amused at my honesty.

Na├»ve isn’t an adjective I’d use to describe myself, having worked most of my career in the mining business and was an engineer for the Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company before that.  But a room full of bloggers, followed by a banquet of librarians, may have been the single scariest moment of my career so far.  I had no clue what I was doing in the book world and found myself sitting next to people who knew everything and everybody.  Amazing, really.

Since 2010, I’ve learned what a blog is, so I can truly say ‘thank you’ Indie Book Blog for everything you do for so many of us newbie authors.  You definitely have the power to lift our sails and you have.  Thanks to you, as a new author, I’ve beaten the odds. The wonderful community of bloggers embraced me, taught me, nurtured me, comforted me, and picked me up, dusted off my back side, and sent me out to face the world of harsh reviews and dwindling sales over and over throughout my young career as an author.

Here’s the proof, when I started in 2010, the probability of success for an author looked like this…

          >  12,000 to 15,000 new books published every month (3,500/week)
          >  Only 2% of writers ever get an agent
          >  Only 7% ever sell more than 2,000 books
          >  Only 1 in 1000 writers ever get published

Now in 2013, the numbers have changed (no surprise that it grows more and more difficult for authors)...

          >  28,000 to 30,000 new books published every month (6,700/week) in the US alone, four times that worldwide
          >  Only 2.5% - 5% of writers ever get an agent
          >  Only 4% ever sell more than 1,000 books
          >  Only 1 in 1000 writers ever get published

Humbly, I can tell you I’ve beaten the odds for each of my three books  (2010 IN THE BELLY OF JONAH, 2011 LOT’S RETURN TO SODOM, and 2012 WIDOW’s MIGHT) in their first year of sales, launching me into the top 4% of published authors for each of my books.  I don’t say this brag or toot my horn because I know this was not me.  It was bloggers like you, Indie Book Blog, who continue to spread the word about new authors like me that allowed me to soar.

Crossing fingers that NOAH’S RAINY DAY, the fourth in the Liv Bergen Mystery Series that releases September 3, 2013 will rise to the challenge.    Thank you, my friends!

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  1. Sandra, that is SUCH good news. Well-deserved. I've just started the series, but enjoyed IN THE BELLY OF JONAH and have the others on my to read list!

  2. My favorite Mystery Series? I don't know if this qualifies as a series, but I would have to say the Sherlock Holmes collection of independent mysteries is my all time favorite. Yours sounds pretty good, too, though! I'll have to see how "Noah's Rainy Day" is; it might require me to get the whole series!

    acwa at netscape dot com