Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review - Kinshield's Redemption by K.C. May with special offer

Dozens have been corrupted by tainted water from the Well of the Damned, including King Gavin Kinshield's beloved wife. He's desperate to reverse the water's effects and restore Feanna to the kind and compassionate woman he married.

And what of his helpless heir growing in her toxic womb? To save his unborn son, Gavin must find a solution before the darkness that's overtaken Feanna also stamps out the tiny spark within her.

Help seems to appear in the unlikely form of the Guardians, two ghostly figures tethered to the crystal that lies deep within the wellspring. Can Gavin trust them... or will their own agenda take the lives of his wife and son--and bring on the utter destruction of the seven realms?

Review by: Scott

4 stars

Kinshield's Redemption by K.C. May is the final chapter in the Kinshield Saga.  As the fourth book in the series it's difficult to say much without giving away things from the earlier books.  I will say that Gavin Kinshield has evolved into a very different man than he was in the first book, with a few comedic lapses back into his less civilized self.

While the taint of the water from the Well of the Damned is the primary focus of the story K.C. still enriches the worlds that Gavin inhabits.  As the Wayfarer he has uses his ability to travel to various realms to get information and help from those who will be able to help him on his quest.  The yellow realm is especially fleshed out in this book and it's interesting how the kho and zhi bent characters differ.  There is also some more history about Gavin's family discovered and the source of the hostility with the Cyprindians is revealed.

K.C. is an immensely talented author and I count myself very fortunate to get to take a look at her books for early review.  If you are a fan of epic fantasy series and haven't taken a look at The Kinshield Saga do yourself a favor and pick up the first book, The Kinshield Legacy (currently FREE!!).

Now on to the special offer:  For today (8/8/13) only you can pick up a copy of Kinshield's Redemption for only .99!!  Get your copy quickly before the introductory offer expires.

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