Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review - The Rise of Cridon by Douglas R. Brown

When kings make war, innocent men die. After Rasi's bloody defeat at the hands of King Fice, he awakens imprisoned in the fisher kingdom. Meanwhile, the dark wizard, Tevin the Third, has assumed Epertase's throne. He rules with an iron fist. All he needs to gain ultimate power is Alina's Light. Fearing him, Alina has fled with her son, Cridon, to Torick Island where the banished Teks now live. But the Light has been broken and is calling Cridon back to Epertase and the dark wizard. Tevin must be stopped, and the fate of the kingdom rests within the soul of a child. The end of days has just begun.

Review by:  Scott

5 stars

The Rise of Cridon by Douglas Brown brings the Epertase trilogy to a close.  This is a book that I have been looking forward to for a long time and it did not disappoint.  As it has been close to a year since I read A Kingdom's Fall it took me a while to get reacquainted with the characters.

There is not a whole lot that I can say about the plot without spoiling the events of the first two books so I'll stick with the fact this book has everything you would want from an epic fantasy conclusion.  There are duels, battles, fantastic creatures, amazing characters, and of course a dragon.

The book does contain a plot element that I didn't enjoy involving my favorite character.  Now I'm not sure if that detracts from the enjoyment of the book, or says something about the writing that something bad happening to one of the characters caused me to have an actual emotional response.  The latter is probably a more fair evaluation of the series as a whole even though it did cause a bit less enjoyment for part of the third book.

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