Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review - Voracious by Mia Darien

Sometimes, life doesn't begin until after you're dead.

Days stretch out in a series of predictable steps. A to B to C to A. Work. Friends. Life. But for some people, it's not enough. It's not enough for D. Possessed of a ravenous hunger for more, he's at a loss for how to find it.

Until he meets Cielle. She's everything he's looking for: new and exciting.

And a vampire, which he's less crazy about.

But when "new and exciting" Turns him, D is forced into an undead life he never anticipated. Trying to adjust to this new existence is hard enough, but he's about to get more than he ever bargained for.

Will it be enough to sate his hunger?

4 stars

Voracious by Mia Darien is the third book in the Adelheid series.  The great thing about this series is the wide variety of characters.  Instead of focusing on a specific person or few person the series focuses on the town of Adelheid in the years following the passage of Cameron's Law, a bill which gives the preternatural citizens the rights on normal citizens.

This installment features D, a man who feels a strange vacuum in his life.  When he meets a strange woman at the bar he hangs out his life changes forever.  Even after learning that she is a vampire and and probably not the best person for him to be hanging around he can't help himself.  He very much comes to regret that decision after a night with her ends up getting him turned.

Having been a little biased against vampires he has a really rough time starting over.  He goes to the one person that he thinks can help him with his new situation, Sadie Stanton.  She gives him a job as a bodyguard and he gradually becomes more aware of the world that he has joined.

This series continues to evolve as more information is revealed.  The fact that the focus is on a vampire that has just been turned allows Mia to expose how much life differs for the preternatural members of society.  If you enjoyed the first two books in the series than this book will not disappoint and if you are a fan of urban fantasy this is a series to take a look at.

Mia writes characters that are easy to relate to even if they are shifters or undead.  The story in entertaining and informative without having a lot of info dumping slowing things down.  The fact that all of the novels are tied together with the early characters continuing to be involved allows a gradual growth for everyone that should lead to some very well developed personalities.

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