Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review - Hashimoto Blues by Sarah Dupeyron

Ellie Fox, quirky pilot, mechanical genius, and drug smuggler, never thinks ahead to the consequences of her actions. When her boyfriend, Max, asks her to “play a Game,” his term for one of his crazy criminal ideas, Ellie agrees and the two of them wind up on the hit list of a Japanese crime lord. On the run for their lives from their disaster in Montreal, the two lovers the two lovers must find a way to outwit their formidable opponent. Will they live to regret playing such a dangerous Game?

Review by:  Scott
4 stars

Hashimoto Blues by Sarah Dupeyron focuses on the story of Ellie.  As a teenager on her own she tries to pick the pocket of Frank, who is himself an active criminal.  Frank takes her under her wing and give her a plane which allows her to smuggle small parcels of illicit materials and the occasional person.  One of the people that she ends up taking across the US/Canada border is Max, a young man who she has an instant connection with.  When a job that Max plans a job that goes horribly wrong they both end up on the run from a Japanese crime lord.

Although this book has a bit more of a romantic element than I usually enjoy it still had plenty going for it.  The characters were down to earth and very easy to understand.  Though making a living on the wrong side of the law both Max and Ellie are easy to feel sympathy for.  Neither of them really seems like a horrible person, quite the contrary they actually are both extraordinarily loyal to their friends.

The book starts with a hook to draw the interest then goes back in time to establish all of the characters.  There were some slower parts during the character introductions and as I said earlier a bit more romance and sexual situations than I normally prefer.  Max has some mystery to him as he never reveals what his main criminal talent is.  He calls his job Beer Runs and will just disappear and often shows up pretty beat up and drunk.  He also has his Games which are fun little criminal acts that he undertakes just to see if he can get away with them.

This book is great for fans of crime thrillers with romance.  It also works well for people who enjoy action packed character driven stories.

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