Friday, October 4, 2013

Fromsday celebration! Win a copy of the Klondaeg books by Steve Thomas

In celebration of Fromsday the Indie Book Blog is teaming up with author Steve Thomas to giveaway 5 Smashwords coupons for his Klondaeg series.  That includes Klondaeg the Monster Hunter and Klondaeg and the Klondaeg Hunters.

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Klondaeg is a simple Dwarf with a simple plan: rid the world of monsters. When he was a boy, his parents were killed by unidentified monsters, and he swore revenge against all of them. Armed with a talking battle axe with two personalities, Klondaeg travels the countryside, slaying everything from tiny werewolves to gold-devouring demons. He negates prophecies, disproves history, and even comes face to face with Acerbus, the god of darkness himself. But will he ever find the thing that killed his parents?

Klondaeg’s adventures continue with five new episodes. Klondaeg the Monster Hunter has hunted down monsters all over the world, but he should have searched closer to home. When Klondaeg discovers that one of his closest allies is secretly a monster, he must choose between friendship and duty. Meanwhile, a secret society slinks in the shadows with sinister intent. Can Klondaeg defeat the Klondaeg Hunters, or will monsters take over the world?


  1. What's Fromsday, you may ask? Learn all about it in "Klondaeg Saves Fromsday," a free Klondaeg holiday special.

  2. Great Giveaway! Thanks! Looks like some fascinating Fantasy

  3. Thanks for the giveaway. These books sound like fun reads.

  4. Awesome. Thanks 4 the Chance to win.

  5. I've e-mailed prizes to the winners. Thanks to everyone who entered, and to Scott for running the giveaway.