Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reivew - Shadow of Darkness by Rashad Freeman

Anthony Dimair isn't your average teenager. Anthony Dimair doesn't have your average teenage problems. Unfortunately, Anthony Dimair doesn't know that yet.

By most accounts Anthony's been a pretty normal kid his whole life. When he starts what should be a normal year of high school, he suddenly begins to change. There's something dark buried deep inside him, but it wants to get out.

As people start disappearing and unknown assailants start following him, Anthony turns to his Uncle for answers. With only the help of his friends he sets off on a quest to discover the truth. But discovering the truth may very well get him killed.

Follow Anthony on an epic adventure as he races against time and the darkness inside him. Will he survive to find out the truth? Or will he get himself and his friends killed in the process?

3 stars

Shadow of Darkness by Rashad Freeman is a novella length story introducing Anthony Dimair.  At first it seems like Anthony is just a normal highschool kid until one day he sprouts gigantic wings from his back.  Soon after he finds himself under surveillance by mysterious men and strange things start happening.  He and his friends decide to head out to try to reach his uncle with the hopes that he can shed some light on the situation.

This book seemed to me to be more of an introduction to the series than anything.  The characters got pretty well fleshed out and there was a good amount of details revealed, but I didn't really think any questions were answered.  We know that Anthony has wings, but the book stops before there are really any answers revealed.  I understand it was most likely to build anticipation and was very successful in doing so, but I would have liked to have gotten a little bit of the mystery revealed.

Despite being left hanging a bit by the first book I have been keeping my eye out for the sequel.  Most likely I will check it out when it becomes available to see what is really happening with Anthony and his friends.  I know this sounds a bit vague, but I really don't want to give any of the ending away so I can't really cite any examples.  One other thing to note is the copy that I read is an older version so I'm not sure if there were any major changes made to the book other than the cover and the title.

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