Monday, October 21, 2013

Review - Nu Logic by Bill Gourgey

In Nu Logic, Rise of the Neos, accomplished virologist, Dr. Janot (whose specialty is crossover pathogens), threatens the promising Glide era with his wildly popular augmented reality gaming world—Neology. Only the genius inventor, Captain Magigate, can stop him, but Magigate is lost in the past with his erstwhile lover and foe, the Prophet. Teenage artist Maddy’s cryptic paintings hold the key to reaching the Captain, but will she discover their secret in time to stop Dr. Janot, whose Connected Reality vision threatens to transform the human experience forever?

Nu Logic is the sequel to Glide and is Book 2 in the Glide Trilogy, which is set alternately in a future world shaped by the miraculous inventions of Dr. Magigate, and the preceding dystopian era dominated by the Prophet and her Academy.

Review by: Scott

 3.5 stars

Nu Logic took me a little while to get into because I hadn't read Glide.  With the advanced technology and and a fairly wide cast of characters there was a lot to abosrb.  The game of Neology was very interesting and reminded me of a much more immersive version of WoW.

The various technologies were very cool, especially the abilities that the knights were granted by Captain Magigate.  There were times that I felt the story moved a little slowly due to the pure amount of explanation that was required to fully explain everything that was taking place and put it into context though.  Other parts had me almost skimming to find out what was coming up in the next couple of pages.

I will have to go back and take a look at Glide and then reread this book at some point to see how much of a difference having all of the proper background really makes.  This book was good enough that I look forward to doing that in the future.

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  1. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your review. If you find the time to read book 1, Glide, please let me know if it helps with background and context! And thanks for participating in my book tour!

    Glide on!

    Bill Gourgey