Sunday, November 24, 2013

Reivew - Doctor Lovebeads by Gary Reilly

In Doctor Lovebeads, the fifth in novelist Gary Reilly's Asphalt Warrior series, Murph must go undercover to accomplish his mission. He lets his hair go untamed, dresses in muslin and sandals and arrives on the scene in a beat-up VW van called the Cosmic Wonderbus and Mobile Mercantile.

Murph tries to pass himself off as an old love child in his confrontation with Brother Chakra. As the good Brother might say, It's a mind-blowing trip.

Review by: Scott

5 stars

Doctor Lovebeads is the fifth book in the Asphalt Warrior series by Gary Reilly.  Once again after doing a good deed and getting himself too involved in the lives of those around him Murph is called back to the station to talk to the police.  This time a couple of young ladies that Murph took to a concert, for free, are missing.  After tracking them down to a farm on the outskirts of town Murph must disguise himself as a flower child to get past the gate and try to find the young ladies that have caused him all this trouble.

This particular version of Murph is probably the most comedic yet.  Listening to his thoughts as he tries to fit in to a community that he would avoid if he could provides some hilarious moments.  As I already stated this is the fifth book in the series.  Murph is an established character and his personality hasn't really changed, there is just a bit more of him revealed.

If you are a fan of the series you'll continue to enjoy it through this book.  If you've never heard of the series pick up one of the books and give it a shot.  You're in for an enjoyable read.

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