Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review - Relic Tech by Terry W. Ervin II

The Silicate War has been over for fifteen years, and the tension among the dominant galactic races is growing. Many fear that the Umblegarri, the ancient alien race that ushered humanity into the interstellar galactic community during the Silicate War, have been targeted for conquest by the Crax and their allies.

It’s no longer speculation. The invasion is underway and Kra finds himself strapped to a hospital bed, critically injured and surrounded by hostile corporate lawyers, high ranking military and intelligence officials, ambitious members of the criminal justice apparatus, and an Umbelgarri diplomat. All are demanding answers or their pound of flesh.

Krakista Keesay, a Class 4 Security Specialist, doesn’t have the answers they demand. Why did he sabotage a top secret research facility? What was he doing on a quarantined planet? Why did he set up the civil transport Kalavar for destruction? Is that all? Not even close.

Kra turns to his only option: Allow his brain to be hooked up to an experimental device so that he might prove his innocence.

Or lose his mind.

Reivew by: Scott

5 stars

Relic Tech by Terry W. Ervin II is a fantastic book.  He uses a similar style to his First Civilization novels, with the beginning of each chapter having a small amount of italicized text that explains a bit about the world.  These short bursts of info reveal relevant background in small doses keeping the story moving since there are no awkward info dumps.  The technology used ranges from some weapons that we have today to much much greater levels.  There are also alien devices that shame anything humanity has managed to come up with.

Specialist Keesay, or Kra, starts off critically injured with no memory of what happened to him and is immediately brought up on charges that would scare anyone.  In order to spite the lawyer who is supposed to be his representative, but doesn't seem to be doing much to help, he volunteers himself for a memory probe.  The device is able to enter his brain and pull his memories out on video so everyone can see what actually happened even if he himself can't seem to recall them.  The only issue is there is a good chance it will turn him into a vegetable.

This establishes a bit of a mystery feel to the book right off the bat.  That is further supported by the fact that Keesay and his escort are attacked while trying to get to the transport to take him to his appointment.

Kra was a great character who I grew to like through the book.  Being a relic tech gets him looked down on quite a bit, but he just uses that to his advantage when people underestimate him.  He is a smart guy who is extremely combat capable and a bit lucky as well.  He makes himself some fine friends and some terrible enemies and those characters each have distinct personalities to love or hate as well.

The book has a very fast pace with enough action to keep you wanting to turn the page and enough character development to care about the people who are fighting.  As I said earlier there are several secondary characters that you will come to care enough about that you don't want to see them die when the aliens are attacking.

If you have read and enjoyed any of Terry's other books this should be a no brainer for you.  If you love the scifi/space opera genres than this book is worth the price for sure, even if you don't read them very often this is a great book to test the waters.  I highly recommend picking up a copy of this and look forward to the next book in the series.

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