Daniel J. Weber

I read on a blog once that you cannot call yourself a writer unless you write. If you spend all day thinking about writing, coming up with great ideas, talking about writing, but never actually - you are not a writer. I classify myself as a writer based on this definition. I am currently working on my first epic fantasy novel at where it is being formed one chapter at a time in its alpha state. I have a Christian background, thus my faith may influence my writing. I am always on the look out for a good read, and if it is indie that makes it even better. Supporting the little guys (monetarily, editorially, reviewing, oh and also reading) is where my heart is. I am part of the DRM-free movement.

Whether it's by writing, reading, sharing, editing, or reviewing, I'd like to think that I am helping the world to be a better place, one book at a time.

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