A-Z challenge 2012

This year for the challenge I would like to have a different guest speaking about a different topic each day.  I will update this list as the letters become booked.  Leave a comment here or email me at bookblogger.indie(at)gmail(dot)com to sign up.  Thanks!

April 1 "A" D.W. Hawkins talks about Action Scene Writing
April 2 "B" Jeffrey Poole talks about The Bakkian
April 3 "C" Matt Bone talks about Crescent (the world in which his story takes place)
April 4 "D" Sky Luke Corbelli talks about Dungeons and Dragons
April 5 "E" Sky Luke Corbelli talks about Elements
April 6 "F" Martin Rouillard talks about Fairies
April 7 "G" M.H. Mead talks about Genetics
April 9 "H" B. Throwsnaill talks about Hemlock (the character not the plant)
April 10 "I" Andrew Dzeguze talks about Illusions
April 11 "J" Jeffrey Poole talks about Jhorun
April 12 "K" Robert Day talks about Killing Off Characters
April 13 "L" Jeffrey Poole talks about Lentari
April 14 "M" Steve Thomas talks about Magic Systems
April 16 "N"Tricia Kristufek talks about Naming
April 17 "O" Charlotte English talks about Orlind
April 18 "P" LE Fitzpatrick talks about Pirates
April 19 "Q" Mia Darien talks about Quintus
April 20 "R" Matt Micheli talks about REM Behavior Disorder
April 21 "S" Marilyn Peake talks about Space Hotels
April 23 "T" Jeff Dvorak talks about Topper McMullen
April 24 "U" Sandy Nathan talks about Unlocking Writer's Block
April 25 "V" Mia Darien talks about Vampires
April 26 "W" Margaret Yang talks about Waiting
April 27 "X"
April 28 "Y" Carmen Buxton talks about Young Adult Books
April 30 "Z" I will be sharing about my daughter Zoey
This is a rough estimate since there are 5 Sundays this year in April it may throw it off a little and I'll adjust it as I see the challenge accounting for that.

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